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Living in a world of laughter opens one's life to a world of joy. Joy is a divine quality that is inherently creative and productive. And, when we're productive we're doing positive things with our lives. Isn't that reason enough for laughing more?

Rob White

Author, Storyteller, Philosopher, founder of The Ordinary Guru Project: and

Hamilton Colwell cooked up Maia yogurt back in 2007. It was designed to be an all-natural snack for his pregnant cousin. How did it transform into a business?

Father's Day is the occasion to show your appreciation. It's also an opportunity to help your father get some balance and feel better. Here are five ways to give him the day he deserves and kick start some habits that will keep on giving!

Dr. Daniel Hsu

Expert in Eastern medicine, nutrition, wellness, and culture.

As a brain booster, yoga outperformed an intense bout of aerobic exercise, which has already been shown to have positive effects on the brain.

Yoga is a way of giving back. The gift of life. Your body is a temple and if you give in, you will find universality. Yoga clears the mind and energizes the body and one is at peace with oneself and the universe. Yoga gives me a reason to wake up every day. Each day is a creative and positive day, when I'm practicing yoga.

I hope that people won't view the poses as the purpose of yoga. I think yoga is fundamentally about maintaining a steady breath and alignment of the body in all poses (or asanas) in the pursuit of mindfulness.

Yaoshiang Ho

Vice President, Head of Business Development, The Huffington Post

I recently interviewed Dr. Kausthub Desikachar by email. He began studying yoga when he was 9 years old under the guidance of his teacher and fathe...

"The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most." Colors are therapeutic. They have a direct effect on our mood, and well be...

One day, Sheena plans to establish a healing justice community center -- a studio that will include yoga classes, a vegetarian restaurant, healing studio, and serve as a workshop space for communities to gather and organize.

Rob Schware

Executive Director, Give Back Yoga Foundation, President, Yoga Service Council

New studies show that yoga can benefit pregnant women's emotional health, reduce labor pain and delivery time, and prevent pregnancy complications.

As said in many 12-step recovery programs: "You can't give away what you don't have." This is true for any teacher, mentor, or healer. It is important that you honor your own self so you can share what you love as your most vibrant, glowing, full and radiant self.

If you adopt an Asian diet and avoid sugary, nutrient-free foods, you could see the pounds melt off and look forward to looking great in a swimsuit this summer.

Dr. Daniel Hsu

Expert in Eastern medicine, nutrition, wellness, and culture.

When I decided to give up alcohol -- or at least make it an occasional rather than regular indulgence -- I knew I had to figure out another way to unwind before bed.

Mark Sisson

Former elite marathoner and triathlete; Author, 'The Primal Blueprint'

This year as we pay tribute to the many men and women who serve through teaching, we are inspired by those who are also healing through yoga and other therapies.

Whether you're heading across the ocean or a few hours down the road, follow these simple steps and you can rest assured that you'll arrive feeling your best and ready to tackle anything vacation throws at you.

Dr. Daniel Hsu

Expert in Eastern medicine, nutrition, wellness, and culture.

Real treatments are published, peer-reviewed, and independently verified over a number of years in order to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Cancer is tricky, because we can't at this point cure it, and that scares many people into thinking that's because traditional treatments don't work, when really it's just the best we can do at this point.

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